Clean & Dry Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to Clean & Dry Carpet Cleaning! We are a top professional cleaning service for carpet and upholstery, concentrating on environmentally conscious, detergent-free approaches to cleaning and carpet care. We operate in both domestic and commercial environments.

We guarantee you will be impressed by and satisfied with your space after it’s been cleaned. We will care for your home or work space as if it’s our own. Clean & Dry Carpet Cleaning prides itself on the work we do in the Christchurch area, which has made us the city’s #1 carpet cleaning service.

We provide what you want: a professional cleaning service that's both simple and effective.

Why Choose Us

Our company was built on trust and transparency, and we believe that our commitment to those two ideals sets us apart from other carpet and upholstery cleaners on the market. We listen to your needs by providing clear channels of communication between our techs and the clients.

We use the highest quality products to provide you with top notch service. We are a large diversified team of cleaning professionals who strive to always deliver decisive and friendly service. We work hard to deliver the best possible service to every job. We’re always available for a quick phone consultation; give us a call!

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