What We Use

To provide an unbeatable carpet cleaning experience, we don’t employ any hazardous or volatile cleaning products. All products we use are environmentally friendly and safe for humans, animals and babies.

Want to know what to expect from our carpet cleaning service?

Below is our unique six-step carpet cleaning process so you know exactly what you are getting when you hire us.

carpet cleaning

  • Step 1: Pre-inspection. First, we pre-inspect your carpet and all affected areas you hired us to clean.

  • Step 2: Extraction. We vacuum your carpets with one of our top-of-the-line dry vacuum cleaners. We do this to remove up to 85% of dry soil. This is an essential step, and if skipped, can result in a sub-par steam cleaning experience.

  • Step 3: Pre-spray. We spot treat high-traffic areas with our heated pre-spray for aggressive soil and spot removal. Then, we use an originally designed machine with rotating brushes to push the solution deep into the carpet’s fibers.

  • Step 4: Extract – Rinse. Next, we use our hot water extraction machine to clean the carpet thoroughly with an organic rinsing solution. This step is maintained very carefully to prevent over-wetting. We use water between 180 and 220ºF, which not only cleans the fibers, but also effectively kills bacteria, bugs and dust mites hiding away deep in your carpets.

  • Step 5: Spot Treatment. At this point, we go through and spot check your carpet. If we find anything that survived the extraction process, we spot treat it using our own brand of special spotting techniques. We will try our best to remove permanent stains.

  • Step 6: Grooming. We rake the carpet to facilitate drying.

When we say 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed we really mean it!
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