What We Use

We get upholstery. We know how it works, how it reacts to different cleaners and irritants. We utilize Sapphire Pro’s Upholstery Tool to clean stains and remove other dirty marks from your upholstery. The Sapphire Pro delivers an expedient and through drying experience without the risks you get when using older models.

Want to know what to expect from our upholstery cleaning service?

Below is our unique five-step upholstery & furniture cleaning process so you know exactly what you are getting when you hire us.

  • Step 1: Inspection. First, we conduct a pre-cleaning survey on all your furnishings you hire us to clean. We do this to survey your upholstery, check for pre-existing damage, and evaluate the situation so that we use the proper cleaning solution to yield maximum cleanliness without risk. Our technicians will walk the client through this process on-site if requested. As previously mentioned, we strive for ultimate transparency.

  • Step 2: Dry Extraction. We go over the affected area with a dry vacuum first, to rid the upholstery of any dry irritants and make sure the area is cleared out before spray cleaning.

  • Step 3: Pre-spray. We pre-spray the upholstery with our eco-friendly solution. Then we agitate the upholstery by working the solution into the fibers, preparing it to be cleaned with hot water.

  • Step 4: Extract – Rinse. We lift the solution through hot water extraction using the Sapphire Pro. This cleans the fabric without injecting water so deep into your cushions.

  • Step 5: Post. We give your furnishings a final groom with our soft brushes to make sure your fabrics are dry, clean and looking immaculate!

When we say 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed we really mean it!
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